Athletic Training

Our Athletic Training services are geared to athletes of all ages and levels to achieve their goal of excelling at their sport(s) of choice. We work with each athlete individually or within small groups of the same sport to enhance their physical preparedness to their sport.

Getting prepared for High School or College Athletics, Scholarship Scouting, or Personal Athleticism, can be overwhelming. We believe getting you physically and mentally fit will enhance your sport performance with emphasis on quality training rather than wasting hours at the gym being tired and not developing a skill.

This isn’t your average, group or offseason training at the local gym. This Athletic Training service is a small setting with Dr. Del Real who is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has worked with several NHL, NFL, and MLB players. With our Athletic Training, we create a focused mindset treating each session as practice rather than training. By practicing each physical attribute, the growth of athleticism can develop in which athletes can self-monitor, self-improve, and continue throughout their sport season.

Monthly Rates are Available. Please call us to schedule your appointment.

Monthly Memberships: $250

Monthly Fitness Assessments with Dr. Del Real DC

-Full Body Biomechanical Evaluation
-Sport Skill Set Evaluation
-Physical Movement Screen
-Agility Testing
-Power Performance Testing
-Body Weight Analysis (Body Fat & Lean Muscle Mass Measurements)
-Sports Goals Program Development
-Progressive Fitness Measurements
-1-4 Small Group Training Sessions (Limit 4 members per session)
-8 sessions broken down into 2 x per week
-50 Minutes Sessions

3 Months

$25000monthly x 3
  • 3 Month – Save $112.50

6 Months

$25000monthly x 6
  • 6 Months – Save $225.00 

9 Months

$25000monthly x 9
  • 9 Month – Save $337.50

12 Months

$25000monthly x 12
  • 12 Months – Save $450.00

Pay in Full & Receive 15% Discount


For more information about program and rates, please call 219-310-8822 or email [email protected]

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