Neck Pain

What Causes Neck Pain? 

Neck Pain is a common complaint. Neck Pain be produced from many disorders and conditions while treatments vary. Examples of common conditions that affect the cervical spine (neck) are herniated disc, pinched nerve, nerve impingement, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, neck strain, poor posture, brachial plexus injury, neck injury such whiplash or sports injury. We focus on neck pain treatment that helps you quickly to reduce your pain.


  • Pain
    • The Pain Can Be Sharp or Dull Affecting Ability to Move Neck
    • Produce Muscle Spasms in the Mid-Back (between the shoulder blades) and Neck
    • The Intensity of Pain Can Vary From Mild to Significant
    • The Frequency of Pain Can Vary From Intermittent (0-99% of the day) to Constant (100%)
    • The Pain Can Be Randomly Produced or Consistently Produced With Identified Provoking Posture or Activities
    • The Pain Can Travel Down to the Arm
  • Paresthesia
    • Tingling
    • Pins & Needles
    • Burning or Cold Sensations
    • Prickling Sensation
    • Itching or Crawling Sensation
  • Numbness
    • Loss of Sensation
  • Weakness
    • Measurable Inability to Fire Muscles to Produce Normal Ranges of Contraction
  • Loss of Range of Motion
    • Directions of Moving Neck & Head are Affected
      • Flexion
      • Extension
      • Rotation
      • Lateral Bend
      • Protrusion
      • Retraction
  • Headaches
    • The Type of Headache Can Vary Being Produced by Posture or Activity
    • Associated with Stiff Neck & Neck Pain

What Would We Do to Help You Today? 

  1. Provide Therapy That Teaches You How to Take Control of The Pain
  2. Every Patient Suffering With Neck Pain is Different and Responds Differently
    • Therefore, We Would Assess to Understand Your Presentation & Behavior of Symptoms 
    • Teach You How to Self Treat and Prevent Recurrences
  3. We Would Always Provide 1-on-1 Therapy During Your Care
  4. The Nature of Your Problem Will Be Explained to You
  5. Together, We Will Identify the Needed Treatment Strategy to Quickly Recover with Home Exercises
  6. You will be Advised & Educated on What You Can Do To Help Yourself 

You Will Learn How to Take Care of Yourself & Perform the Following:

  1. Reduce Symptoms
  2. Maintain Reduction of Symptoms
  3. Recovery of Function
  4. Prevention

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