Performance Training & Weight Loss

Performance Training & Weight Loss is a non-medical service offered for people who would like to be proactive with their health. The emphasis is to improve posture, lose weight, gain mobility, strength, flexibility and improve quality of life through better movement.

In today’s modern age, we have become more sedentary and less active. The Performance Training & Weight Loss service offers guided training to safely improve physical health through body weight, kettlebells, and athletic movements.

Monthly Plans are Available. Spaces are Limited.

Monthly Memberships: $150

Monthly Fitness Assessments with Dr. Del Real DC

-Full Body Biomechanics Evaluation
-Physical Movement Screen
-Body Weight Analysis (Body Fat & Lean Muscle Mass Measurements)
-Health Goals Program Development
-Progressive Fitness Measurements
-12 Small Group Training Sessions (Limit 6 members per class)
-12 sessions broken down into 3 x per week
-50 Minute Sessions

3 Months

$15000monthly x 3
  • 3 Month – Save $67.50

6 Months

$15000monthly x 6
  • 6 Months – Save $135.00 

9 Months

$15000monthly x 9
  • 9 Month – Save $202.50

12 Months

$15000monthly x 12
  • 12 Months – Save $270.00

Pay in Full & Receive 15% Discount

People who Benefit from Performance Training & Weight Loss: 

Mobility | Flexibility | Balance | Body & Motor Control | Agility | Corrective Rehab Exercises | Hard style Kettlebell Training | Improve Posture | Weight Loss

Performance Training consists of corrective exercises that improve an individual’s quality of movement as a whole. The body is a complex system and focusing on the locomotor system entails physical and neurological components. The physical components include range of motion, strength, agility, speed, endurance, flexibility, and power. The neurological components include balance, kinesthetic awareness of your body in open space, coordination, bodily identification of isolating certain regions, and stability.